Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness Cumbria

Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness Cumbria

Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness CumbriaHanley Caravans have a range of holiday home parks available across North England. Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness Cumbria.

Purchasing Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness Cumbria can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the different models available. Choosing the right model for you and your business is a huge decision because these units can last up to 25 years. 

Because of this, when buying caravans, it’s important to avoid some pitfalls. Here are the 5 common mistakes you can make when buying caravans.

Pitfalls to avoid when buying them 

Underrating associated cost

The price of Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness Cumbria differ based on the model. However, when considering the cost, you should also think about the associated cost like transport. Asides from transport, you should have runs to cover other related costs. Some of these costs include :

  • Commission cost
  • Ongoing utility cost 
  • monthly dues fees,
  • rust maintenance

Furthermore, you should try to set aside some funds for home improvements depending on if it comes furnished or unfurnished

Choosing the wrong size of static caravans

Before buying an excellent static caravan, ensure you measure the access points at the locations where you can move and site it. This can help you save time and energy when seeking used caravans to be delivered to you. You should note that a 12ft static caravan will be wider and consider door handles and window frames.

Neglecting static caravans Park regulations

Not every park will have similar rules when dealing with static caravans. So if you are used to one part, don’t assume that the same rules and regulations apply to another park. Regulations depend on unique discretion and they will be determined by different permits. 

Also, some parks might have curfews and different age limits, so it’s important not to assume. Do your due diligence and research to understand what parks want.

Not checking warranty

Immediately after you purchase Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness Cumbria, you need to check and understand the stipulations covered in the manufacturer’s warranty. This static comes with several warranties like 4,510,20 years warranty when bought. It’s important to note this warranty in case there are any technical issues. Some static caravans come with a structural and rust-related warranty.

Not considering Future needs

When buying your caravans, think about the future and the usefulness of this caravan. Some future needs to consider include :

  • Will their more rooms needed for a family
  • Is it a child-friendly unit? 
  • Will it be great to sublet or rent out in the future?

How can your buying process run smoothly?

If you want a hitch free buying process for your used caravan consider the following :

Choose a reliable static caravans dealer

You should only buy your unit from a reliable and credible static caravans dealer. These dealers have the experience and are ready to sell the best caravan unit to you at affordable rates

Research many brands and designs

When buying static caravans, ensure you check the various brands available and their features. This is important so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Check your budget

Always consider your budget if you don’t want any problems when buying Used Static Caravans Dalton in Furness Cumbria. Only buy units that tally with your budget. You could check online to know the model available and their prices.


Buying used static can be a pleasant choice if you avoid certain mistakes. If you want your buying process to run smoothly, choose a credible static caravan dealer and check different brands which you can afford based on your budget.